Hypnotherapy Session?

All our sessions last up to 90 minutes, they are completely tailored to you and are about following your lead to help you in getting as much success and enjoyment out of them as absolutely possible.  Hypnotherapy can be a truly magical and pleasant experience where your mind and body get the opportunity to fully connect, to work more efficiently and in harmony.
Please contact me for a free 20-minute consultation to understand how clinical hypnotherapy can help you.

Clinical hypnotherapy can be a standalone treatment or included as part of the counselling process.  On its own hypnotherapy is probably one of the briefest forms of therapy, as it focusses on defined, specific issues and outcomes.  An individual session is £60.00 with most people requiring between 2 to 6 sessions in total depending on their individual and unique requirements.

What is the evidence for Hypnotherapy?

Thousands of positive research studies on hypnotherapy have been published. It was recognised as an effective treatment by the British Medical Association and American Medical Association in the 1950s and more recently, by the American Psychological Association (for obesity) and NICE guidance (for IBS) used by the NHS.

Hypnosis Southport
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