Hypnotherapy for Anxiety

Coping with Anxiety

Clinical Hypnotherapy, also referred to as guided hypnosis, is a form of psychotherapy that uses relaxation techniques and focussed attention to achieve a heightened state of awareness or mindfulness.

Hypnotherapy can be used to great effect to treat a wide range of issues, enabling us to change our habits and behaviour patterns from helping with insomnia, anxiety and stress, controlling our weight to giving up smoking.  Working within a therapeutic capacity it can be hugely beneficial in treating phobias and complex trauma because while in hypnosis people are able to explore distressing thoughts, emotions and memories they may have suppressed from their conscious mind.

Long gone are the days when a hypnotherapist is seen waving a pendulum and controlling people’s minds.  Clinical hypnotherapy is the therapeutic use of hypnosis to help create change in a client’s thoughts, feelings, behaviours or values and beliefs, as opposed to something that might be used in stage hypnosis which is more about putting on a show for the audience and volunteers to have fun and to be entertained for a short period of time. 

When most people think of hypnosis its of being in a trance like state, but really when you’re in a hypnotic state you are in a truly, deeply relaxed state of mind where your conscious mind is so totally relaxed that you’re not thinking at all about the usual everyday things that clutter your mind and cloud your thinking.  Hypnosis is a deeply relaxed, extremely focused state of mind, sometimes referred to as an altered state of consciousness.   Often hypnosis is likened to being asleep although when in hypnosis you are neither fast-asleep nor wide-awake but somewhere in-between.  You are still completely conscious when in a state of hypnosis, no one can take control of you and make you say or do anything that you would believe to be wrong or consider out of character if you didn’t want too.

Clinical hypnotherapy is a very gentle, calm way of healing through the use of relaxation techniques.  It can be very effective in helping with self-esteem, confidence building, anxiety, stress and depression.

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